These grinders for motor arc segments are designed to process almost all the motor arc segments produced in the world. It is also possible to grind slabs. 

The grinding operations typically carried out are: 

Station 1 - Feet and sides 
Station 2 - IR and OR 
Station 3 - OR (again) 
Station 4 - IR (again), sides, angles and feet chamfers 

These grinders are also provided with a segments washing station. 

The difference between this grinder and the RSM.10/3 is that on the RSM.10/4 there is one more grinding station, to solve problems coming from the pressing or sintering phases of the production process. 
The fourth grinding station allows to split the removal of the stock allowance on more stations. This can be useful when the stock allowance is very large, when there are deformations of the arc segment due to the sintering process or when the distribution of the stock allowance cannot be controlled properly in the pressing phases, e.g. because the magnet is too thin.

The feeding system is made either of one/two upper belts or of the upper belts and a lower feeder

- Manual positioning 
- Manual positioning, with fast displacement
- Numerical control positioning

- Standard and interchangeable sliding guides
- Special coolant delivery system for Neodymium Iron Boron magnets
- Lower rollers feeders for Neodymium and very large ferrite magnets
- Spindles variable rotating speed
- Symmetric layout of the grinder

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