Diamond wire saws

Starts with a granulator, which enables the use of a volumetric cold press of high productivity; this can be completed with optional devices to assemble the pin inside the pre-pressed crown and to stock the assembled beads on the graphite trays ready to be sinterized in a tunnel furnace in reducing atmosphere.

The machine to thread the beads on the steel wire enables the automation of this long and boring operation, executed only manually up to now.

The process is completed by the machines for the plastic coating of the wire, which guarantees the safety of the operators in case the diamond wire breaks off during its use, and the wire sharpening machine that removes the plastic residuals, and that by uncovering the diamond makes the beads efficient from the first cut.

Auxiliary machines

• Machine to assemble the wire SA10-2 (it threads automatically the beads and/or springs on the wire)
• Beads fi ller for glass phials mod. GFL700, for HIP sintering process
• Automatic puncher for bead pin
• Ultrasonic washing machine to clean beads and steel wire
• Sand-blasting machine to remove plastic from the beads
• Clamps and hydraulic presses to join or cut the wire.

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